The weakest link in the chain should always be given our full attention.
From instrument to finished Master.

We use analog Tape Recorders and believe that the tape compression and focus it gives to the session is unbeatable. We can for sure rent a studio nearby with a full-blown Protools-rig for editing, but it´s about "Wybes" as well, technology is not the end all.

Our studio is focused on live tracking and we transfer the files to Usb for further mixing.

We have made a conscious choice to build our studio without a control room wall and work in One room. Leakage between sound sources gives according to us a depth to the Recording and if you´re looking for total separation our studio should not be your choice.
The room is designed after several classic studios and our 60sq.m and 4 meter ceiling height with a massive floating floor sounds sweet in action!